Episode 19 - The O.C. (w/ Jillian Goodreau)

Happy New Year! We ring in 2019 with a very special episode AND guest! We are joined by Jillian Goodreau as she spills the beans about her time in high school and specifically about her love of the show The O.C.! Plus, hear our first World Champion guest air her grievances about one of the hosts live on air! A Surprise Prize! Is This Green Day! All this and more fun!

Episode 18 - A BFF Holiday

Happy Holidays from your BFFs! Listen in as we talk about a couple of quasi-Christmas themed episodes of The Simpsons! Then, an informal Surprise Prize where we try some holiday themed candy! Finally, we chat about some favorite holiday memories! Thank you for listening and sharing your 2018 with us! We hope you'll stay with us in 2019!