Alex The Gathering

It's a gathering, a most magical one at that! Your BFFs are back and they are joined by their friend and self appointed commissioner of the show Alex Guettler! Alex shares something he loved in high school, Magic The Gathering! Listen to our review of the game and get to know Alex with us. Plus, a revealing and heartfelt Surprise Prize, "Is This Green Day?" and Alex gives us a song for "Can You Spotify Me, Bro?" Have a fun listen!

Kalen 64

I've heard of main characters who suck, but in this episode we're talking about a main character who really sucks! That's right, we're talking our favorite little guy from the planet Pop Star, KIRBY! We had our friend Kalen Knowles over to talk about his favorite game growing up Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and learn more about him and his knowledge of the Kirby universe! Plus, Liza tries out a treat from her childhood and Andrew introduces Liza to a new game!

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