Episode 28 - Our Friend Rainier Cramer

Your BFFs are joined by friend of the show and our real life friend Rainier Cramer! She tells us about herself in high school, her then and current love of fashion, thrift stores and make-up. Then, for the final third or so we have an honest conversation about race.

Rainier Cramer

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Episode 19 - The O.C. (w/ Jillian Goodreau)

Happy New Year! We ring in 2019 with a very special episode AND guest! We are joined by Jillian Goodreau as she spills the beans about her time in high school and specifically about her love of the show The O.C.! Plus, hear our first World Champion guest air her grievances about one of the hosts live on air! A Surprise Prize! Is This Green Day! All this and more fun!

Episode 18 - A BFF Holiday

Happy Holidays from your BFFs! Listen in as we talk about a couple of quasi-Christmas themed episodes of The Simpsons! Then, an informal Surprise Prize where we try some holiday themed candy! Finally, we chat about some favorite holiday memories! Thank you for listening and sharing your 2018 with us! We hope you'll stay with us in 2019!

Episode 17 - Miss Congeniality

The BFFs are back to talk about a fave of the pod Sandy Bullock in her 2000 rom-com Miss Congeniality! Listen to us be on topic as we talk about Orlando Bloom’s hair and if his mustache is gross. And the movie. We also talk about the movie. Plus, a 2001 year in music themed “Surprise Prize”, a very partyrific “Is This Green Day” and a “Can You Spotify Me, Bro?”!

Episode 16 - Bologna Noodles (w/Sarah Maloney)

Artist and friend of the BFFs Sarah Maloney joins the show to tell us about her high school days, a playlist of some of the music she loved in high school and some of her fave activities to do while listening! She also tells us about her upcoming book and kickstarter! Then, a holiday themed Surprise Prize and a quick game of "Is This Green Day?"!

Sarah’s Art & Books

Episode 15 - Tenacious D

As The D once said, Friendship is rare! Lucky for you, you’ve got two BFFs who are here to talk about Andrew’s love of the band/TV Show Tenacious D! We learn about how he came about them in high school! You might even hear a story about him performing D songs! Plus, a new Surprise Prize about music in the year 2000! And a new Is This Green Day/N’Sync!

Episode 14 - Flight of the Conchords

This week, we're getting to know your BFF Liza better by hearing about her love of the TV Show Flight of the Conchords! Guess what? Andrew likes it, too! They both picked an episode to watch so listen to them chat about their fave episodes! Then, they both pick their top 3 Flight of the Conchords songs! And finally, a "Surprise Prize"!

Bonus Episode - The Charmed Reboot

The power of 3, meet the power of reboots! As a special bonus ep, your BFFs got together and watched the first episode of a show that Liza loved in High School, CHARMED! Listen to our thoughts on the reboot, Liza comparing this to the original show and of course Andrew’s Bob Dylan impression! And a quick game of “Is This Green Day/Is This N’Sync?”! Have fun, BBs!

Episode 13 - Saving Silverman

Your BFFs have returned and it’s Andrew’s turn again! This time, we’re learning more about him through a movie he loved, Saving Silverman! Come for our review, stay for our theories on it being an unofficlal Wizard of Oz remake! Then, a music centered Surprise Prize, “Is This Green Day?”, and a “Can You Spotify Me, Bro?” where we mostly gush about D’Arcy Carden and Norah Jones! Have fun listening!

Episode 12 - Alex The Gathering

It's a gathering, a most magical one at that! Your BFFs are back and they are joined by their friend and self appointed commissioner of the show Alex Guettler! Alex shares something he loved in high school, Magic The Gathering! Listen to our review of the game and get to know Alex with us. Plus, a revealing and heartfelt Surprise Prize, "Is This Green Day?" and Alex gives us a song for "Can You Spotify Me, Bro?" Have a fun listen!

Episode 10 - Rush Hour

A monumental occasion indeed! Your BFFs are back and it's our TENTH episode! Join us as we talk about something Andrew liked in high school, RUSH HOUR. Hear how Liza tricked Andrew into watching it, whether the movie ends up as problematic as we fear and how does the duo of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan perform? Plus, a new installment of "Is This Green Day" and a new "Can You Spotify Me, Bro?"!