So no one told our pod would be this way? Your BFFS are here to talk about 6 certain friends of theirs, the FRIENDS! We're talking about the titular tv show and how much Liza loves it. We find out who here fave FRIEND is and how she feels about the show today. Plus, a friendly Surprise Prize!

TV Show Theme Songs

Join your BFFs as Andrew shares with you (and Liza!) his love of TV Show Theme Songs are puts Liza's knowledge to the test on them! Plus, a super powered Surprise Prize!


Picture it, 700 hundreds years in the future. The earth is covered in garbage? But you know who are still your BFFs? It's us, BBs! Listen in as Liza tells us about one of her high school faves, 2008's animated film Wall-E! Then, Liza tries to stump Andrew in a Surprise Prize!

Our Friend Rainier Cramer

Your BFFs are joined by friend of the show and our real life friend Rainier Cramer! She tells us about herself in high school, her then and current love of fashion, thrift stores and make-up. Then, for the final third or so we have an honest conversation about race.

Rainier Cramer

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The Lost Episode

Hi friends! Unfortunately our most recent episode "Liza Loves Soundtracks" had to be pulled because it was glitchy AF. Seriously, it was unlistenable. We apologize for the lack of new episode this week. We'll be back soon! We promise BBs!

The O.C. (w/ Jillian Goodreau)

Happy New Year! We ring in 2019 with a very special episode AND guest! We are joined by Jillian Goodreau as she spills the beans about her time in high school and specifically about her love of the show The O.C.! Plus, hear our first World Champion guest air her grievances about one of the hosts live on air! A Surprise Prize! Is This Green Day! All this and more fun!